How to Support Your Local Businesses


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Article by Laura Walshe of The Business Debt Advisor 

Covid-19 has forced many businesses, including gyms, pubs, restaurants, and other social venues to close for the foreseeable future.  Although necessary to combat the pandemic and protect our NHS, these social distancing measures are devastating for small business owners.

Many retailers will not have the cash reserves to sustain themselves for a prolonged period of time and we will sadly see some of them close down permanently.

We are keen to help businesses stay afloat. Here are 5 simple ways that our team are implementing to support local businesses:-

Shop Locally

Many retailers have altered their services, in line with Government advice on social distancing.  We love shopping locally for our household staples. It is so heart warming to see our local butchers, corner shops or farm shops flourish. The experience is so much better and so is the quality of the produce.

Most of these shops are offering a contact-free delivery service if you are unable to venture out. Also many of our local towns and villages have put together a free service staffed by volunteers who will deliver your shopping to your door for those local shops that do not deliver, help pick up your prescriptions, or even walk your dogs.  You can search at to find these groups.

Order Meals to Take-Away

All our local restaurants and pubs have been forced to close but many will be open for takeaways and deliveries.  If you are financially able to, consider taking a night off from cooking to unwind and support your local cafe, bar or restaurant through the coming months.

Your support will be vital to these businesses, particularly if significant social distancing is likely to be in place for an extended period.

Avoid Cancellations – Postpone Instead

As a consumer you may have the right to request a full refund following cancellation of a booking or an event, and it may be that a refund is the most appropriate solution.

If you do not require a full refund at this time, then another way to offer your support is to see what other options there are.  Perhaps you can postpone your booking, or request that the payment you have already made is allocated to a future event?

Leave Positive Feedback

Our teams at The Debt Advisor and The Business Debt Advisor are fielding hundreds of calls from individuals and businesses facing significant challenges. We are updating daily our blogs on the help that is available. In addition, our teams have found themselves having to trouble shoot on Covid-19 problems.  If you are unable to offer financial support, there are plenty of other ways you can help at absolutely no cost.  If you use social media then follow, like and share their posts.  It could help to increase their following, or bring new custom.

If you have previously used a local business and were impressed by their products or services, leave a positive review online.  Many use consumer review websites such as Trustpilot – any consumer can write a review and any business can invite its customers to share reviews about their experiences, for free.

Simply Reach Out

If you live in a close community, or have shopped locally before, then you may have got to know some of the small business owners.  You could simply make contact with them (by telephone, email or at the proper distance if you are shopping) and ask them what they need.  A little encouragement might give struggling business owners the desire to persevere.

This virus will cause of many personal tragedies, and business failures.  Now more than ever we at The Business Debt Advisor believe that simple acts of kindness go a long way.

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If you are a small business owner, struggling to cope and would like to chat, please fill out our Contact Formand we will be in touch.  Alternatively, call our FREE ADVICE LINE on 0800 781 0990.  You might feel that all is lost but there are options that could help your business survive and eventually thrive.

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