Postmasters celebrate huge victory against convictions

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Over the past 10 + plus years there have been problems with the security of the Post office system and had led to hundreds of post masters being prosecuted for theft of funds from the Post office. Senior Post Office executives were told back in 2011 that the Horizon system could be remotely accessed by computer technicians who had access to post masters data. The report has warned that some IT staff had unrestricted access to Horizons systems and this could lead to unauthorized transactions.

This became a central issue in a group action by 550 postmasters during 2017 and this settled in 2019 with the Post Office agreeing to pay out £58M to settle the case. The latest news is that the Post Office has confirmed that it will not oppose the applications to 44 out of 47 appeals to overturn the prosecutions.

The Business Debt Advisor have been approached by a number of post masters over the years for help and advice. As the actions carried criminal convictions, it was not possible to deal with these claims through the range of rescue solutions that are available for individuals. The government has appointed a retired judge Sir Wynn Williams would lead an enquiry into the Post Office failings. It is also possible that officials from the Post Office could face perjury claims for insisting in court that there was nothing wrong with the Horizon system.

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