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We provide the most comprehensive debt advice and support for individuals and business owners. Our experienced team offers a personal approach to finding solutions to your debt challenges.

We offer expert debt advice
The Business Debt Advisor has the experience and knowledge to advise customers on the best solution for their debt problem, no matter how complex the current situation may be.
We offer expert debt advice
We are qualified & regulated
Offering a wide range of formal and informal debt solutions. The Debt Advisor Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Formal insolvencies are undertaken by a licensed insolvency practitioner..
We are qualified & regulated
We are good communicators
Clear and realistic information is provided to customers at all times to enable the business or personal debt problem to be solved.
We are good communicators
We find the right solution
There are debt solutions designed help your financial situation. The Business Debt Advisor can offer advice covering all solutions.
We find the right solution

We can help with a variety of solutions, including:

  • Company Rescue
  • Company Closure
  • HMRC TAX & VAT Negotiations
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA)
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)
  • Company Administration
  • Pre-pack Administration
  • Winding Up Petitions
  • Compulsory Liquidation
  • Members Voluntary Liquidation
  • Partnership Voluntary Arrangement
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Partnership Insolvency
  • Informal Debt Management for Individuals and Debt Compromise

Client Testimonials

The directors of the company were guided through the liquidation process from start to finish by the team at The Business Debt Advisor. Although the parties were disappointed it was not possible to save all or part of the business of the company it was clear to the directors and the creditors of the company that every effort possible had been made to achieve the best outcome..

A sale of the business and its assets was successfully completed in the Liquidation which has resulted in maximising realisations for the creditors of the company. The directors were able to demonstrate that by ceasing trading and taking steps to liquidate the company they had achieved the best outcome possible for the company’s creditors in the circumstances.

The company was unable to afford to continue trading. The directors sought help and advice from The Business Debt Advisor. After reviewing the viability of onward trading, it was decided that the best option for the company was for the company to be placed into Liquidation. A sale of the business stock, and intellectual property was negotiated with the help of The Business Debt Advisor team which resulted in the maximum possible realisations for creditors and a legacy for the once well-performing brand.